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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shoes Carnival, the Walk of Fashion

Standing with the toes is what creates illusion,
Hips and thighs all stretched up making posture of passion,
African and Western culture mixed up making proper fusion,
KULU design is ready to make your transformation,
It's shoes Carnival, the walk of fashion;
These Boots are Tshs 90,000/-

Let us reveal,
A secret that we need to share with you and this is a deal,
Comfort-ability is what you should look for in high heels,
And KULU design gives you what you feel,
You'll decide whether to appeal or to walk in Brazil,
While you're from Congo Brazzaville,
It's shoes Carnival, the walk of fashion;

Match up and put a full-stop,
With African design by KULU make it nonstop,
KULU High heels with KULU Clutch on top,
Chop my money if you can't get into KULU's shop,
African style fused in western make it pop,
KULU design is your new style swap,
It's shoes Carnival, the walk of fashion;
 High heels Tshs. 80,000/-
 Flats Tshs. 60,000/-
Leather & Print/fabric bags Tshs. 60,000/-
Clutch Tshs. 15,000/- to 30,000/-
 The shop is located at Shoprite area, West wing,
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