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Friday, May 18, 2012

Irina Shayk-Sexiest Woman 95

 Meet Irina Shayk,
A Russian Swimsuit model,
Born in January 6th, 1986,
Pianist at age of 6,
Bored by marketing but favored by beauty,
She got her Brazilian looks from her father,
And light eyes from her mother,
Sexy is what she defines.
Always seen by this lad,
Yeah him,
The player of Real Madrid and not Sociedad,
Christiano Ronaldo is the lad,
Who makes this model cry for more love thuds.
She is a sexy babe,
I wonder what happened,
Last year,
She was Sexiest Woman 10,
Is it Ronaldo's fault?
Or just lost her lucky Mojo?
I guess know you know why Ronaldo is dating her,
Since May, 2010.

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