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Friday, March 16, 2012


Sun rising,
With winds from the past,
Blowing to the land vast,
Seeking for the very best,
The beauties of the beasts,
The conquers of all quests,
The resolvers of all conflicts,
The protectors of the golden chests,
The rulers of the North, South, East and West,
The angels below the sky,
Shining with their bravery armor,
Personality high as a kite,
Respected by the moon and stars,
Even the Rays of the sun,
Bows on the true modern women;

Sun rising,
Through the rainy season,
Making another big reason,
For the educated modern women,
Spicing up life like lemon,
Not chaining men like demons,
Balancing man's natural seasons,
The society is your main kingdom,
Thank you for being role models for the young modern women,
Making the most of it till,
Rays of the sun,
Bows on the true educated modern women;

Sun rising,
Fog closing,
That's when respectful modern married women rising,
They are not dozing but rather posing,
Down under rejoicing,
With so much pride celebrating,
With all the ups and downs not shaking,
Care and love is all what they keep on disclosing,
Religion is what they keep on respecting,
In God they believe in,
Their legs tightened,
Not opening like vixen,
Their hubbies loving them till,
Rays of the sun,
Bows on the true married modern women;

Sun rising,
Lights, camera, action,
Appreciate the modern women on action,
For supporting the society with your transaction,
Young modern women follow your direction,
You are their attraction,
Thank you for using it for society satisfaction,
For the few who are just the total of your fraction,
Please stop being a destruction,
Young modern women need your traction,
Stop being a contradiction,
The society wants your best introduction,
Because you are the center of attention,
Even the Rays of the sun,
Bows on the true lights, camera, action modern women;

Sun rising,
Clouds hovering,
Cheering for the young modern women,
Who have made the most of it and met their goals,
Congrats for those in total control,
They have played their best role,
Into this world full of rock-and-roll,
My advice to those who are out of this bowl,
Be like Nicole,
Even if young men have totally robbed and stole,
Get yourself together and console,
The society needs you as a whole,
Not making bad headlines and polls,
Protect your younger dolls,
Even the Rays of the sun,
Bows on the true young modern women;

Sun rising,
Thunders from the mountains,
Rumbling with deep thuds,
Voices of commands,
Hindering recognition of modern women,
The time is now,
The modern women's voices to emerge,
Rise between thick and thorn,
Oh son of men,
Modern women have suffered enough,
Let their wounds be healed,
Leaving just scars and no fresh cuts,
Fading the bad experiences and memories,
Leaving them so pure and in control,
Appreciation and support is all what they need,
Let them shine,
Even the Rays of the sun,
Bows on the true supporter of modern women;

Sun rising,
Moments passing by,
Cries penetrating the skies,
Angels pray with deep pains,
Governments should not entertain,
Make plans to sustain,
Let's end the reign,
Completely break the chain,
Why let them complain,
Let's campaign,
It's our duty to explain,
That women and girls violence brings so much pain,
They shouldn't suffer in vain,
Let them speak and regain hope,
Our fight should be productive,
Promote equality,
Modern women need their recognition,
Even the Rays of the sun,
Bows on the true modern women.

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